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LFA Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2014

| September 30, 2014
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Fall greetings to you from Encinitas. The retailers have already brought out the pumpkins, witches hats & brooms so Halloween must be just around the corner. Bless their hearts. October historically has been one of the most volatile months of the year. Time will tell if we get a scare this year.

Our firm has been productive this past quarter. We are always working on our efficiency and process with the goal in mind of delivering outstanding service to our clients. Hardly a week goes by when I do not receive a nice email or verbal comment from one of our clients praising the service they recently received from a team member. We are in a business with many variables that cannot be controlled. The economy, the world stock markets and the health of each of our clients and their families are several of those variables. The only thing we can control is our service and how we treat our clients each day. Read more...

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