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Through a lifetime of commitment and partnership, we provide financial clarity, confidence and understanding to our clients.

"We're serious about what we do and light-hearted about how we do it." - Steve Van Houten, CFP®

Lifetime Financial Advisors (LFA) is committed to the original vision of providing a “lifetime” of service to clients and their families. Our team of competent advisors engage with clients individually to craft a plan for their money, life and legacy. Their experience and qualifications allow them to act as financial guides, helping clients pursue what matters most to them. 

Supporting our clients and advisors is our amazing LFA service team. Through a client-centered approach, we are committed to a high level of personable and responsive service. 

LFA has grown into a successful firm managing over $530 million in advisory and brokerage assets through LPL Financial as of March 1 , 2024. We offer financial planning services through our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Lifetime Financial Advisors, Inc. Working with the fourth generation of clients, it is with gratitude and pride that we look back on our history and how much we have accomplished with our loyal clients by our side.

Firm History

LFA has been in business for over forty years, founded by Lou Oberman in 1980. Our firm was created with the purpose of providing comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to clients. LFA recognized the importance of providing ongoing and in-depth financial advice when financial planning was merely a seedling concept in the world of finance. 

In 1987 Steve Van Houten, a young CFP® professional working for a San Diego real estate firm, called on Lou and the two developed a professional relationship.  Steve, like Lou, shared the same passion for helping clients pursue financial independence. In 1993 they decided that Lou’s experience and Steve’s technical knowledge and boundless energy would form the perfect partnership. They chose the name Lifetime Financial Advisors to reflect their goals of helping clients and their families for a “lifetime”.

Steve and Lou

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