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LFA Newsletter 1st Quarter 2015

| March 31, 2015
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As April greets us, I marvel how quickly another quarter has passed. The 2014 tax year has come and gone and was more challenging than ever as new Federal regulations complicated the generation of 1099 tax forms. Over the past few years the trend has been to issue these tax documents later and later in an effort to reduce the number of corrections that inevitably had to be sent.

Added to the frustration of receiving tax forms later than expected, many clients with taxable accounts also experienced more capital gains distributions than expected. After six years of market advances, there were few losses in the portfolios that could be used to offset the realized gains on stocks that were sold. If you own individual stocks and/or bonds, a capital gains tax is not triggered until you sell, but investment companies are required to total the capital gains that were realized during the year and distribute them proportionately to shareholders. Read more...

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