Our Process

Our mission is to provide you with total wealth management. Through a comprehensive integration of your financial goals, combined with close cooperation with your personal network of professionals, we will construct a personalized financial roadmap to assist you in every step along your financial path. Our dedicated team is experienced in working with individuals, growing families and business owners, and we specialize in multigenerational planning.

Our role in this process:

  • We listen to your financial concerns and goals.
  • We analyze your personal situation with your values in mind.
  • We propose realistic financial strategies.
  • We review your progress on an ongoing basis.

Your role in this process:

  • You communicate your financial concerns and goals.
  • You are candid about your values.
  • You are willing to accept advice.
  • You remain committed and motivated to implement your plan.


The first step in our process is data-gathering and organizing. You will complete a questionnaire which will give us an idea of your time frame and risk tolerance. We will request recent statements for your accounts, including insurance policies, and review your legal and estate planning documents such as tax returns and trusts. Organizing these documents into one place provides a clear picture of your current situation and allows us to start the planning process.


After a discussion about your values and financial goals, we will analyze your current situation and create a personalized financial roadmap. Learning about your values and how you view money is essential to structuring your plan. Our goal is to create a plan that meets your needs and provides you with realistic financial strategies.


It is important to develop a close and productive relationship with your personal network of professionals to ensure we are all focused on the same goals. Your estate planning attorney and CPA are integral parts of this process as they have areas of expertise that are vital to our total wealth management approach. We will coordinate with them and oversee these important relationships.


Ongoing communication and regular assessment of your financial decisions are essential to keeping you on your financial path. Although your long-term goals will likely evolve over time, and market conditions will most certainly fluctuate, a strong commitment and motivation to your objectives will keep you well-positioned to adapt to these inevitable changes.


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