Investment Planning

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established portfolio, professional investment management can help you build your financial assets. Our team at Lifetime Financial Advisors has experience navigating clients through markets and economies over the last four decades.  Our expertise, process and resources enable our clients to pursue financial independence with confidence. 

Our process begins with learning about your goals and values. We then analyze your personal situation and propose realistic strategies that consider multiple factors, including optimal asset allocation, investment selection and performance evaluation. 

Tax Awareness

Through our investment management process, we aim to help clients minimize their lifetime tax bill. Using tax-aware investments, asset location, and tax-efficient distribution strategies, clients can keep more of what they earn. With the ever-changing tax landscape, ongoing analysis can reduce the amount you pay for state, local and federal taxes. We work with your network of legal professionals and CPAs to coordinate a plan of action through:

  • Tax-efficient investing
  • Tax-deferred strategies
  • Bracket analysis
  • Social Security optimization
  • Tax deduction information

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